At a commercial location, vigilance has specific criteria. Changing the locks at work might even seem like too much of a hassle. But it is time to consider changing the locks on your store, office or industrial location in the following circumstances.

Someone Lost the Keys

Losing the keys is far more serious than it may seem on the surface. Once the initial inconvenience of replacing the key is over, what next? So, usually, workers and managers alike forget the incident quickly.

Perhaps it would be impossible for anyone to identify the keys, so there is zero chance anyone would use them to break in. But it is still possible that a nefarious character scooped those keys, with a devious plan in mind.

You can have the locks changed after hours. That way, business isn’t interrupted, if having a locksmith at the door for a few minutes is too much trouble. Look around you to see what might be of value to a thief.

Change of Location

One of the first things to do once you move to a new location is to change the locks. Just like when you move into a new home, you know the previous tenant has keys. That’s the only way to guarantee that only you and your employees have access.

If you rent your office or retail space, you should notify your property manager that you changed the locks.

Staff Changeovers

Every time an employee leaves your employ, it is time to change the locks again. It is especially critical if they resign. Changing the locks secures the property and removes the ex-employee from suspicion.  Disgruntled ex-employees have returned to take revenge if they can access the premises. So, it’s a good idea to change the locks on any cabinets and drawers, too.

An Unknown Person Gets Access to the Keys

Sometimes, someone you don’t know could get access to the keys. An employee’s ex? Or maybe a customer ended up walking off with them (by accident?) Any time you suspect that someone you don’t know might have access to your keys, it is better to be safe. And the best way to stay safe is to get your locks changed.

Is it time for a lock change at your business location? Contact Alpha Mobile Locksmith today.

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