Keeping your home secure involves more than just installing a lock. These top 5 home security tips help keep your home safer.

1. Keep Everything Locked

It is simply no longer safe to keep your spare key under the welcome mat. Criminals know to check over the top of the front door and in mail or meter boxes. And then that fake stone in the garden doesn’t fool anyone.

Deadlocks on doors and window locks with keys make breaking into a home harder. And they also prevent easy exits, so thieves have a harder time making off with large items.

2. Lock the Garage, Shed, and Gates

Garages and sheds are full of valuable items! So, be careful to lock up and hide valuable tools. A garage door with a mechanical lock adds one more complication for a potential thief. A simple padlock can make a big difference. Disconnecting the power on the garage door (if the electricity doesn’t keep the door closed) is ideal if you go away for an extended period. Always lock your side gates, even when you’re home.

3. Security Needs Visibility

Some beautiful landscaping creates a myriad of hiding spots for potential burglars. Check trees and shrubs for a clear view and good light, especially at night. Specifically restrict the growth of bushes near doorways, walkways, and any hiding spot under a window. Motion sensor lights work as an inexpensive deterrent.

4. Security Alarm Systems

Your professional locksmith works with you as you consider the installation of a home security alarm system. A security consultation uncovers how you can enhance the security of your home. Alarm systems help, but once the alarm goes off, it can be too late. Make sure your locks keep your home safe.

5. Social Media is NOT your Friend

So many times, criminals explain to the police after a break-in that they knew the homeowners would not be there. How did they know? Social Media, of course! Don’t announce that you’re going on your way to the in-laws for the weekend.

In summary, thieves look for easy targets, so make sure your place doesn’t look easy!

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