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Alpha Locksmith Watertown MA

Alpha Locksmith has been one of the prominent residential, commercial, and automobile locksmith services providers in Watertown MA (02471, 02472, and 02477) since 2007. We provide personalized services to all our customers thus ensuring that they are provided with the level of security they require. Our professionalism, dedication, and commitment to the industry and to our customers, have been some of the reasons why we’ve been one of the most trusted locksmiths in Watertown.
We provide a complete spectrum of security services that include repair and installation of locks and deadbolts, security systems, alarm systems, and security consulting services. Being highly trained locksmiths, we have the ability to provide the best security solution for any given situation.

Residential Locksmith Watertown MA

One of the areas we specialize in is providing residential locksmith services, reason being, many people have the misconception that locks can easily be installed even without proper training. In many cases, this results in poor installations thus risking the security and safety of the inhabitants. We’ve encountered countless locks and deadbolts there were improperly installed and could have been easily defeated. With our residential services, customers can be assured that their locks are professionally installed.
At the request of our customers, we can review the security situation of a home and recommend security locks and devices as needed. We may also recommend a digital access control system and a complete home alarm system for those that need a higher level of security.

Commercial Locksmith Watertown MA

In our 7 years of service at Watertown, we’ve helped numerous businesses improve their security situation. In some cases, we’ve needed to install commercial grade locks, while in others, complete security systems. Businesses often require a higher level of security than homes due to the high volume of daily traffic. Most businesses not only need to be secured after office hours, but also during operations when people come and go and it’s difficult to keep track of their movements while inside the premises.
Our commercial locksmith services include, repair and installation of mechanical locks, security systems, and security consultation.

Automobile Locksmith Watertown MA 02471

One of the advantages of being a mobile locksmith is that we can quickly respond to any calls, whether or not it’s an emergency. In many cases, we provide automobile locksmith services to clients who have been locked out of their vehicles. However, we can also provide repair and installation services of a wide variety of automobile mechanical locks and security systems. Our locksmiths are trained in different vehicle makes and models, and since our vehicles are complete workshops, they can provide an immediate solution to any type of automobile lock-related problem.

Emergency Locksmith Watertown MA 02471

Many of the calls we receive are emergencies that involve people being locked out of their homes or automobiles. In such cases, our 24-hour emergency locksmith teams in Watertown MA quickly respond. Not only are they equipped with everything they’ll need to provide assistance, they are also highly trained to handle any type of lock-related emergency.

Serving the following Water MA zip codes: 02471, 02472, and 02477

Here are some of the products we carry and install. Check these links to the manufacturer’s website and know your getting top of the line industry hardware: Schlage | Medeco | Ilco | Von Duprin | Master Lock

Locksmith Watertown MA

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