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Locksmith Sherborn MA

Whether you’re installing new locks, or replacing old ones in your home, business, or automobile, you’ll need the services of a professional locksmith to ensure that the locks are installed properly. It doesn’t matter if you’ve purchased the best lock on the planet, if it wasn’t installed correctly then there is a high probability that it will malfunction or can be defeated easily.

As one of the leading locksmiths in Sherborn, MA 01770, we at Alpha Locksmith provide exceptional services to all of our customers. Our company believes that every individual need to be able to feel secured wherever they may be, so we ensure that our services are performed at the highest level of quality each and every time. We provide a range of locksmith services that include residential, commercial, automotive, and assistance for any lock-related emergencies.

locksmith sherborn maResidential Locksmith Sherborn MA 01770

Home security should be the primary concern of everybody. There may be times when crime rates are low and everything seems to be quiet, but criminals are always waiting for the best chance to attack. An unprotected or under-protected home can easily be identified and targeted.
Our residential locksmith services ensure that the homes of our customers have adequate protection. We provide services that include the following:
Installation or repair of entry locks, privacy locks, and home security systems
Installation and repair of residential security gates whenever required
Lock rekeying
Key cutting services
Emergency lockout services
We also provide security consultation services wherein we’ll assess the risk potential of a residence and recommend products that can alleviate that risk. These products may include higher quality locks or advanced security systems capable of monitoring a wider area and automatically informing authorities in the event of unauthorized entry.

Commercial Locksmith Sherborn MA

Businesses are often targeted by thieves especially those that maintain high quantities of valuable products. It is imperative that these businesses make use of a combination of industrial strength locks and advanced security systems.
Over the years, we have been trusted by many businesses in Sherborn to provide them with adequate security. It is common for businesses to require locksmith services, especially when replacing key personnel that have access to sensitive areas. In such events, locks need to be replaced or re-keyed so new keys can be issued to existing or new personnel.

Automobile Locksmith Sherborn MA 01770

Personal or company issued automobiles always need to be secured. Modern automobiles not only have mechanical locks, but are also fitted with security systems that can prevent the vehicle from being operated.
Our highly trained automobile locksmiths in Sherborn, MA are familiar with a wide variety of automotive lock systems. They can provide emergency lockout services or make new keys.

Emergency Locksmith Sherborn MA

No one ever wants to be in a lock-related emergency, especially in the middle of the night when help is hard to come by. We provide a 24-hour emergency locksmith service in Sherborn MA. By simply calling our emergency hotline, we can send a highly trained locksmith to respond to your emergency.
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Locksmith Sherborn MA

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