Locksmith scammers using real companies names and getting away with it on a daily basis. You look up a local locksmith on google and see a familiar company name, maybe you have seen their vans or heard about them from a relative or friend. Many of these listings are misleading and when you call you get forwarded to a national companies call center. They then take your information and pass it on to a locksmith contractor not even located in your town. This contractors motive is to gouge the customer for as much money as possible to profit him self and the company. The contractors with the highest sales numbers get the  most work. This creates a vicious cycle of rip off con artist extorting money out of vulnerable customers. The real companies that these frauds impersonate also pay because of possible bad reviews and unwarranted bad reputation. Here is a link to a major article discussing this in detail. These happen to be our counterparts in the UK and there it is just as big a problem. This is a world wide swindle that is slowly putting real companies out of business due to spam tactics and stolen jobs.




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