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The security of your family, home, and business is of utmost importance. Without the right security measures, it will only take minutes for a thief to break in and take everything valuable. To prevent this from happening, you’ll need the services of a professional locksmith.

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Alpha Locksmith is a trusted locksmith in Millis, MA 02054. We’ve worked with countless families and businesses to enhance their security through proper planning, assessing current security measures and identifying weaknesses in order to install adequate locks or security systems.

Residential Locksmith Millis MA

There are many situations wherein you’ll need the services of a professional locksmith for your residence. For instance, if you’ve moved in to a new home or lost your house keys, you’ll need to replace the current locks. If you recently experienced a burglary, you’ll need to improve your home security systems.
We are highly experienced in home security and can recommend the best security measures for your home according to your budget. For those with high security requirements, we can recommend advanced security systems that use a variety of passive and active triggers. For simple requirements, we recommend locks with high quality mechanisms to prevent them from being easily penetrated.
We also provide key cutting services for those that require an additional set of keys for their homes.

Commercial Locksmith Millis MA 02054

Commercial establishments and businesses often require an extra level of protection. Besides having high quality door locks, businesses will also need security systems complete with Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) systems with recording capabilities and alarm systems that can serve as a deterrent and report an intrusion to the authorities.
Our locksmiths are highly trained in a wide variety of locks and security systems. With our services, you can rest assured that your business has the right security measures installed.
We also provide repair services in the event that you are satisfied with your current security setup, but have locks that need to be repaired or replaced.

Automobile Locksmith, Millis MA

Most of the requests we receive for automobile locksmith services are from people who have been locked out of their vehicles. Our locksmiths are familiar with a wide range of vehicle locking mechanisms, including those with advanced security systems like keyless entry.
Instead of wasting time trying to open your vehicle and risk damaging sensitive parts, give us a call and we can send an automobile locksmith to unlock your vehicle and grant you access as fast as possible.
In addition to providing access to locked vehicles, we also perform new installations and repair services. Most vehicles that require new installations are those that have been restored. Apart from installing new locking mechanisms, we can also recommend and install a passive or active vehicle security system.

Emergency Locksmith, Millis MA

Locks are mechanical in nature and are susceptible to failures. Locks can fail at any time, which is why we’ve decided to provide 24-hour emergency locksmith services at Millis MA. For any lock related emergency that involves your house, business, or automobile, call us and we’ll send one of our expert locksmiths to provide an immediate solution.
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Locksmith Millis MA

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