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Locks are so common that everybody has experienced searching for a lock that will fit their needs. More often than not, the decision to purchase a certain lock is based on appearance or if it will look good on the door. There are times when the brand is factored in when the user is concerned with quality. Without any training in lock technology, the quality of the internal mechanisms of a lock is often overlooked. Only experienced locksmiths will be able to differentiate high quality locks and those that can be bypassed easily.

Alpha Locksmith provides professional locksmith services in Dartmouth MA. We know all the different locks available on the market and are familiar with the different mechanisms. As such, we can quickly identify which locks will provide your home, office, or car with better security. We have an office in Dartmouth to respond to any queries, perform installations or repairs and more.

Residential Locksmith Dartmouth MA

In today’s economy, no one can ever be complacent when it comes to home security. Unfortunately, although there have been significant advances in locking technologies, there are those who have dedicated themselves in finding weaknesses and overcoming the technology. As such, residential locks and security systems need to be upgraded every so often.
We have been in the industry for quite some time and familiar with all the technologies available in the market. We know which ones are more capable of withstanding attempts to overcome the security systems or mechanisms. In order to ensure that you’ll be purchasing the latest locks for your home, be sure to ask for our advice before purchasing a new lockset.

Commercial Locksmith in Dartmouth MA 02714

Commercial establishments also need a high level of security. Most of these are operate without security personnel who can respond immediately to any break in attempts. Locks installed at businesses need to be of high quality and should also be reinforced by security systems that can monitor the premises and alert the necessary authorities of any attempts.
Our locksmiths are highly trained in the operations of mechanical locks and advanced security systems. If you feel that your business is under protected, let us provide you with advice on how to improve security.

Car key replacements and auto Locksmith Services near Dartmouth MA

Our services and expertise also include car keys for vehicles and bikes. There was a time when vehicle locks were simple mechanical devices. Today, most vehicles are provided with highly sophisticated security systems that have transponder systems. If you have any questions, concerns, or problems with your vehicle’s locking mechanism but you’re unable to reach the manufacturer, contact us because our locksmiths are trained in  automotive lock technology.

Emergency Locksmith Services Dartmouth MA

It is never a good experience when locks fail and you can be locked out of your vehicle or home in the middle of the night. It’s best that you have our emergency hotline numbers always available as we provide 24-hour emergency locksmith services in Dartmouth. Simply give us a call and we’ll send one of our highly experienced locksmiths to respond to your lock emergency.

Here are some of the products we carry and install. Check these links to the manufacturer’s website and know your getting top of the line industry hardware: Schlage | Medeco | Ilco | Von Duprin | Master Lock

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