Finding the Right Locksmith Service

We all get lock and key problems every now and then. Who do we call when this happens? Some would simply call the first locksmith company that they find on the yellow pages.…. But is this wise? or safe?

We do not want to end up getting burglarized by the very same people we called to fix our locks, do we? We cannot be too careful these days – after all, if it’s our front door lock we’re asking them to fix, we want to make sure they can be trusted not to come and go as they please when we’re not home, or worse when we’re home alone, right?

So how should we go about finding a locksmith service company to whom we could actually entrust our home’s security? Below are some useful tips to remember while on a hunt for the right locksmith.

⎯ Get Recommendations from Friends

A time-tested way to find good people to do anything for you, locksmith jobs included, will be to get your trusted friends to recommend someone they’ve already worked with. This is perhaps the very first thing you should do, ask around.

⎯ Local is good. Local is safe.

Make sure you are not calling some national hotline located who knows where. More often than not, these companies will send out a sub-contractor near the area whose background they haven’t thoroughly checked. They will also very likely charge more than what a local company would for the same job. A local locksmith service will best serve your needs.

⎯ Certifications/Expertise

Check that the locksmith you are getting has the appropriate certification for the job you need them to do for you. The Associated Locksmiths of America (ALOA) administers certification exams and grants locksmith designations. If you need someone to fix your car door lock, you would do best to get a certified and experienced Automotive Locksmith; or look for a Master Safe Technician if you need someone to work on your home safe. The really good companies these days hire only multi-skilled professional locksmiths. You will do well to look for those companies.

⎯ Hit the Net

A little internet research can’t hurt. Read up on the skills a good locksmith should have. Make a list of questions you would need to ask when short listing candidates. When you’re down to 2 or 3 locksmith service providers, study their profile, take the time to look for customer feedback.

⎯ Liability Insurance

Check if the locksmith you’re considering has liability insurance. Accidents on the job do happen, and when they do, someone could get hurt or some damage to property may result. It’s good to know there’s insurance coverage.

⎯ Check Rates Upfront

Confirm rates and prices before engaging the services of a locksmith company. They will usually have a detailed price schedule according to the job required. Make sure there are no hidden charges. Inquire about parts and service warranties.

⎯ Availability

Some companies offer 24 hour locksmith services especially for emergencies like car lock out situations. Look for locksmiths who have this capability.

These tips can be put to good use right now. We never know when we might need a good and trustworthy locksmith to help us out. When that happens, we want to know we are calling the right people.


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