In 2014 our company helped secure the doors of dozens of companies. Employees losing keys or doors falling apart after misuse. We were there for them same day within an hour to secure their store front and help keep their businesses protected.

We helped a customer who owned a laundromat in Brockton secure their door after it failed to lock with all the keys they had. We determined that the mortise lock cylinder had failed and the door it self was on its way out. Upon further inspection we realized that the threading to the mortise lock body for the cylinder was destroyed as well due to previous incorrect installations and wear. We fabricated a new mortise lock body and were able to save the customer from spending thousands on new door with installation.

We had a customer who owned a restaurant in Plymouth and the back door equipped with a alarm sounding exit device stopped working and was refusing to stay shut, setting of the alarm constantly. They called us realizing this was a dire situation for security and peace in the establishment. We came and were able to repair the device without replacing the entire system which would have costed a lot more money.

We go out of our way to ensure our customers satisfaction and realize that some situations are of the utmost importance and must be handled fast and correctly. We run a business our selves so we understand how important it is to protect your business assets. We have proved our selves time and time again with our customers who own businesses throughout the area. Small business to small business and attention to detail are reasons why we are able to keep these customers for life. Call us and let us earn your business and give you the peace of mind and free up your thoughts to running your business instead of worrying about the security aspects.

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